Talent Seeding

This program has the purpose of promoting a greater participation of candidates with academic excellence in COLFUTURO summons, specifically, those from public universities.

The summons are made per year, in order to identify the future seedings. The process for the election of the candidates of the Talent Seeding is highly rigorous and is focused on academic excellence and in the leadership qualities of the candidate, considering criteria such as the position held in the undergraduate program and the grade point aggregate, among other academic merits and acknowledgements.

The experience of COLFUTURO has shown that the main reasons why many of the most brilliant professionals of the country refrain from starting postgraduate studies is the lack of domain of a foreign language, the lack of knowledge on how to choose a university of academic excellence and the belief that it is impossible to finance the costs of living and studying abroad.

The Talent Seeding Program directly works on solving these problems through personalized assistance and advice that includes several tools, such as counseling, workshops, informative sessions, ratings of the postgraduate programs, review of application essays and requirements, and a technological tool. The assistance process is provided for a period of up to three years.

COLFUTURO, through the Seeding, has set the goal to strengthen areas such as Engineering, Health Sciences, Basic Sciences, Economy, Social Sciences, Education, Arts and Agricultural Sciences and Environment.

The Talent Seeding has been operating for nine years, and currently has 1.100 participants. These are last grade undergraduate students and professionals who have just graduated, who have obtained an average above 10% of their classes, who make part of an investigation group certified by Colciencias, have obtained an Ecaes above 5% or have obtained the summa cum laude merit or have graduated with honors.


Academic Counseling

This area of COLFUTURO is the entry door for Colombian professionals who wish to complete postgraduate studies abroad. Its main objectives are:

  • Guide and provide assistance to persons interested in completing masters or doctorate degrees abroad, in order to enable them to choose high-quality programs that meet their corresponding personal and professional expectations.

  • Throughout the year, collect serious and independent information that enables the analysis, assessment and ranking of the universities and the postgraduate programs offered throughout the world, with the purpose of providing academic counseling to the interested parties.
  • Study and assess the masters and doctorate programs of the candidates to the Sponsor-Credit Program, based on international rankings, accreditations and other publications on postgraduate education.

  • Negotiate and administer cooperation agreements with universities and other institutions that offer our beneficiaries the best opportunities for them to course their postgraduate studies.

  • Participate in international education fairs, conferences and events, with the purpose of spreading the word of the work made by COLFUTURO, and to promote postgraduate education abroad.

  • Constantly update the official website with diverse and useful material on postgraduate studies abroad.



The COLFUTURO Languages Program has the main purpose to promote the learning or improvement of a second language (English, French or German) among the Colombian students and professionals.

The main benefits offered by the program are:

  • Improving the language domain in universities of 8 countries: Australia, Canada, United States, Malta, New Zeeland, United Kingdom, France and Germany. The student determines the duration and destination of his/her program within the 27 cooperation agreements that are currently in place with COLFUTURO.

  • A percentage of discount is offered on the price of the course, which ranges between 10% and 55%, depending on the university elected by the student. The amount of the discount is already established in the agreement with each university.

  • Assistance is provided during the process of admissions to the university of destination.

  • The election process is mainly focused on the motivation and the complete filling-in of the online form by the aspiring students.

  • Assistance is provided for the visa process, depending on the country.

  • Throughout the year, scholarships for the total amount of the course are granted to certain students that are interested in the program, as well as to outstanding participants of the Talen Seeding Program. These scholarships are offered by the universities.

  • 4 summons are made, in which more than 400 persons interested in completing an English, French or German course abroad participate.