Colombia, a country to stay in

Colombia is a country with huge natural wealth, and the birthplace of great writers such as Gabriel García Márquez; artists such as Fernando Botero and Doris Salcedo; scientists such as the neurologist Rodolfo Llinás; experts in cloning such as Martha Gómez; doctors such as Jorge Reynolds, and singers such as Shakira.

Strategically located between two oceans in northwestern South America, it has a diverse population of approximately 49 million inhabitants, who are the result of a cultural mix between Europeans, indigenous and afro-descendant peoples.

Colombia’s economy is one of the most stable in Latin America, and the country is recognized for its sound economic management. According to the World Bank, it maintains a solid macroeconomic framework, highlighted by the adoption of an inflation target regime, a flexible exchange rate, a fiscal rule for the central government and a medium-term fiscal framework.

With a GDP of US$309.2bn (2017), Colombia is positioned as the fourth-biggest economy in the region, behind Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. It also forms part of the CIVETS group (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa), made up of emerging economies with high development potential.

Colombia is one of the leading exporters of coffee in the world, an activity that was decisive in the country’s development in the 20th century. It is also the fourth-largest oil producer in Latin America and the sixth-largest in the American continent as a whole. Other export products include coal, gold and emeralds.

Its economic management and political stability despite the conflict, together with its integration into the global economy, growth in the middle class (expected to reach 46% of the population by 2025) and high-quality workforce make Colombia an attractive place to invest in.

In addition, Colombia’s cultural diversity, geographical contrasts, stunning cities and warm people are an invaluable attraction for those who want to visit the country.